Shalimar Radio is sponsored by JANNAT PAKISTAN Inc. USA.

Shalimar Radio has a religious reformist educational agenda focused on freedom of speech. We are advocates of American values of Liberty and Equality. We believe in the Equality of all men and women irrespective of religion, caste or creed. We stand for emancipation and enlightenment of the Pakistani youth.

Shalimar Radio has a well-defined educational program of social reform in Pakistan. Amongst several other progressive plans, Shalimar Radio aims at eliminating bigotry, hate and prejudice in the Pakistani youth against the civilized world in general and against the United States of America in particular.

Shalimar Radio’s educational mission aims to promote enlightenment in the Islamic world by celebrating universal human ideals of equality and equal opportunity, irrespective of religion, caste color or creed.
Shalimar Radio aims to promote modernization, introduce religious reforms, promote emancipation of women and bring enlightenment of the poor and underprivileged masses of Pakistan.

Shalimar Radio aims to liberate Muslims from poisonous beliefs of Taliban by promoting liberal and progressive ideals of mankind.
Shalimar Radio aims to carry out programs for educational reforms through the internet.

“Pity the people of Pakistan that are trapped between self-serving, complacent elites who preside over a crumbling state, nurturing love-hate for violent extremists who seem determined to tear the same state apart. The extremists promote crisis and the state depends on crisis to persuade and blackmail USA for Aid,”