Asarulislam Mohammed Syed, MD, is a Pakistani American neurologist and psychiatrist who lives in California.  A Quran Scholar regarded as ‘Cannon of The Quran’, his Shalimar Radio, Los Angeles lectures have inspired several Muslims to think and reconstruct their religious beliefs.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, he attained his graduate medical education in Pakistan and his postgraduate medical education in the United States. His is settled with his family in Wasco, California. Having attained postgraduate education from Kansas University, he joined California’s State Civil Service and since 2001, has been serving as Chief Psychiatrist with the State of California, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Jannat Pakistan Educational Mission.

Mona Dawar, Ph.D.,  is a graduate from Doon School and Miranda College Delhi, India. Her parents are of Pakistan descent. She emigrated to the United States in 1970 at the age of 19. She attained double Masters in Guidance and Counseling, and in Special Education for Emotionally Disturbed Children from the University of Wisconsin. She is a Director of Behavioral   Health for National Health Services, Bakersfield, California.

Dr Mona Dawar is a celebrated singer who has been performing for the Bakersfield based Pakistani Musical Band, Anarkali Sangeet for the past 12 years. She is very popular with Pakistani Americans and draws Pakistani and Indian families to her singing events.

She is General Secretary & Treasurer of Jannat Pakistan Educational Mission.

Mohammed Arsal Awan is a US citizen who hails from Lahore Pakistan.  A graduate from Punjab University Lahore, Arsal has a long history of political activism. He was a union leader of the Pakistan International Airlines Employees.

Arsal Awan is well known as a socialist activist and leader in Los Angeles area having been the founder and organizer of Los Angeles Cab Driver’s Labor Union. On 14th of August 2008 Arsal Awan and his friend Khalid Imran founded the SHALIMAR RADIO in Los Angeles, Channel 900 AM. This liberal Radio Station became the fountain head of the long suppressed modern and progressive Quranic ideology. The Radio condemns Sharia Laws and celebrates the unification and equality of all mankind as One Nation under the Law of God, irrespective of religion, race, nationality of origin, caste color or creed.

He is the Vice President of Jannat Pakistan Educational Mission.

Azer Shaheen B. Sc, a US citizen of Pakistani descent is a man of letters, a scholar well versed in Urdu literature. He lives in Bakersfield California. He is a celebrated Urdu poet who has participated in International Urdu Mushairas and has won laurels for his spontaneous wit and poetry. He works as a Real Estate Agent and is indeed, highly respected as a realtor in his profession.

Azer Shaheen participates in Board meetings of Jannat Pakistan bringing in great ideas and enthusiasm. A gentleman with liberal views, Azer Shaheen and his family grace every Pakistani social event in Bakersfield and are very popular for their hospitality.

Azer Shaheen has a background of Sound Engineering and with his voluntary services, he is indeed celebrated for his services to the Bakersfield Muslim Community. He is an asset to Jannat Pakistan Educational Mission.

Manjit Kaura, PhD,   is a Clinical Psychologist who practices in Bakersfield California. A US citizen, she hails from Punjab India.  She has years of experience as a clinical psychologist.  She lives with her family in Bakersfield California. Dr. Kaura, a former University athlete, has represented Baroda University, India,  in Track & Field and has excelled in 200 and 400 meter events. She comes from a very respectable family of Punjabi Sikhs. Her father Mr. Channan Singh is a former retired officer of the Indian Navy. Dr. Kaura and her family are liberal Americans who firmly believe in  American ideals and values of equality and equal opportunity.

Dr. Kaura participates in Board meetings of Jannat Pakistan.

Abida Jahangir Alam M. Sc, Chemistry, is a US Citizen who hails from Lahore Pakistan. She lives in Bakersfield California. Her husband, the late Mr. Jahangir Alam was an Engineer with the Department of Transportation, State of California. He was a staunch liberal Muslim,  the life and joy of Pakistani American Community in Bakersfield, California. He died in a car accident in July 2009, near Bakersfield, California. He had origins from Kasur, Punjab. Inna Lilla Hay Wa Inna Elayhe Raji’yoon. A patriot, comrade and a great friend, he is deeply mourned and missed by all who knew him.

Mrs Jahangir Alam is a single mother who is raising two brilliant children.  Her family firmly believes in American ideals and values of equality and equal opportunity.

Mrs Jahangir Alam provides good community feedback in Board meetings of Jannat Pakistan.

Muhammad Khalid Imran , a graduate from Punjab University Lahore is a US citizen who lives with his family in Los Angeles, California. In August of 2008, together with his friend, Arsal Awan, the well known los Angeles socialist activist, Khalid Imran founded the SHALIMAR RADIO Los Angeles. Khalid Imran is a professional Radio Broadcaster. A talk show host on Channel 900AM, members of the Pakistani American community in Los Angeles, are very familiar with his sweet and passionate voice.  Khalid Imran is also in charge of the promotional, business, radio advertisements and fundraising drive for Shalimar Radio, now a subsidiary of Jannat Pakistan. As a Board Member and Director, Khalid Imran acts as an advisory in all affairs of Jannat Pakistan Educational Mission.

Umar Khatab Khattak, a veteran of the Pakistan Army Medical Corps, is a US citizen who hails from Mianwali Pakistan.  A Pushto speaking rank and file soldier of the Pakistan Army, Umar Khatab has served in 1971 under the command of GOC, Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi. He was taken prisoner of war in 1971 following the fall of East Pakistan and has seen it all. He is an eye-witness to the military and political debacle in East Pakistan.

Umar Khatab Khattak has good insight into the real Message of the Quran.  As a retired American, he follows news channels regularly and has very good insight into the political drama inside Pakistan.  Umar Khatab is a Director and Board member of Jannat Pakistan Educational Mission.

Ali Shah is an experienced newscaster, anchor, editor, and producer, and has worked at the English desk at Pakistan Television News Corporation for two years. He has also worked at Brave New Foundation in California as an editor, translator, and transcriptionist for three languages in a documentary regarding drone attacks in Pakistan. Holding a Master’s Degree in Economics from California University Fullert State on, he has also been a freelance contributor to several newspapers for over seventeen years, and is currently in the process of setting up his own talk show.

Abdul Shakoor Abdul Ghafoor is a celebrated Pakistani Journalist who has been a political activist, a public speaker and a famous Radio Voice. Born in 1965, in Punjab, Pakistan he attained higher secondary education from: Government High School Shahkot in 1980. Following graduation he was impressed by the mission of Benazir Bhutto and became an ardent supporter of Pakistan Peoples Party. This is how he started working as a journalist with daily MUSSAWAT a newspaper founded by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In August of 1992 , he moved from Pakistan to Oman, working as Truck Driver. Subsequently in 1998, he moved from Oman to Dubai, UAE and continued to work as as journalist. He was impressed by the movement launched by Imran Khan and became the strongest voice for PTI. When Imran Khan launched a DHARNA, after the 2013 elections, Abdul Shakoor vigorously supported Imran Khan's cause for democracy through his YouTube channel. It is said that Abdul Shakoor was instrumental in motivating the masses of Pakistan and paving the way for the victory of PTI in 2018 Elections.

However after seeing Imran Khan "worship the grave of Baba Fareed " he says , he could not he bear such anti Islamic activity. He openly declared Imran Khan an apostate. He spoke against Sufi Islam and denounced it vehemently. As a life long follower of Allama Iqbal's teachings he strarted reading Allama Parvez . " This is how I discovered The Message of The Quran, he says. He has been an active voice all his life, through his You Tube channels which strongly criticized the TALIBAN and Wahabbi Islam. His channels were banned by Pakistani Government because of his criticism of Talibani Wahabbi Islam . In October of 2019 , the rogue Government of Pakistan banned the renewal of his Pakistani Passport rendering him into a Stateless International Refugee. He continnues to work as a Broadcaster and News Editor for Shalimar Radio, Los Angeles.